Happy New Year, MOT!!! We have an activity check up so please check that out to keep your account and characters safe. Almost all high ranks are filled, with just the Head Hunter remaining, so definitely look into applying so we can move towards holding our first Gathering! We are super excited with the activity we had been building, and would love to keep that momentum going into the new semester!

It is now Leaf-Bare on MOT!

The activity check is over! We have an announcement up here where you can earn shop items that would otherwise need to be bought! We want to welcome all the new members that have joined in the last week or so, and encourage all members to look at the open high ranks to see if any position catches your eye! We are more than excited to roleplay with everyone!


We hope that everyone who celebrates it has had a great Thanksgiving! This weekend we have decided to do some cleaning around the site and to hopefully make things a little easier to understand in regards to information threads and high rank auditions. To do that, we are doing a small activity check that will only last a few days so that we can implement those changes. Please be sure to post there with what characters/wips you wanna keep!


We've been open for a little over a month now, and role playing is beginning to pick up! We're currently brainstorming ideas of IC events that could take place in the future, so if you've got any ideas feel free to toss them at us. High ranks are still open with no current end date, though we've been getting a few auditions, so get yours in! Available high ranks can be found here.


MOT is now open! Feel free to stop in and chat with us, poke around, and make yourself at home! Here is the list of all currently available high ranks.


the stats

ASHCLAN ♂ 05 ♀ 03 ○ 02 • 10

GLASSCLAN ♂ 04 ♀ 04 ○ 01 • 9

THE TRIBE ♂ 06 ♀ 02 ○ 00 • 8

OUTSIDERS ♂ 03 ♀ 01 ○ 00 • 4

TOTAL ♂ 18 ♀ 10 ○ 03 • 31





MOT is an original idea by halcyon, maleficent, and calcifer. the "warriors" book series that mot is based on is written by erin hunter. all images belong to their respective owners. mini profile by cosmic american at cttw. sidebar by brook. custom board rows by jawn.


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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
atlas OUTSIDER 26-December 17 2
ava MEMBER 14-December 17 13
axolotl MEMBER 10-January 18 0
bane INACTIVE 23-September 17 1
beaverclaw ASHCLAN 18-December 17 1
blackfire ASHCLAN 12-December 17 13
bloom of constant fragrance TRIBE 26-December 17 7
blueheart GLASSCLAN 22-December 17 4
bubbleberry GLASSCLAN 23-October 17 5
buzz MEMBER 14-September 17 4
calcifer ADMIN 23-November 16 29
calliope OUTSIDER 15-December 17 7
candle that flickers TRIBE 13-September 17 10
cedarpaw GLASSCLAN 27-December 17 2
chalkstar GLASSCLAN 13-September 17 18
chestnutfrost INACTIVE 21-September 17 -1
crow TRIBE 21-December 17 4
cryptic INACTIVE 14-September 17 3
delaware INACTIVE 14-September 17 0
Dinolil INACTIVE 18-October 17 1
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