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 the weight of living, atlas & navi
 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 04:25 AM

your lionheart

as the world comes to an end
i'll be there to hold your hand

They had come far, him and Atlas. He was not sure of how many moons it had been, walking, wandering, searching. They had been hunting the murderers of the red tom's sister, pursuing figures that existed in Navi's memories. They were successful, in some places. Hoarding rumors and whispers of a band of murderers, or assassins, or something. The stories were always different, but they were enough to go off of for now. At the same time, they hunted for Navi's own sister, though will less purpose and direction as their hunt for revenge. Ever since meeting Atlas, Navi had felt more grounded, having a name and a relation for the Blue-Eyed Cat in his memories, but he still did not know enough to guide him better. Ever since realizing the memory cat was his sister, he had had more flashes of times with her, where they were smaller. Playing, laughing. Always fuzzy, though, always hard to grasp. It was frustrating, but Navi dared not complain. He held it silently within himself, and continued on.

They had come across a city in more recent moons, and it was vast, and Navi knew the large scope of it meant they would be spending some time here. They had settled in a camp along the river that roped around it, near fresh water and food, and had already done some exploring. Other cats already lived here, though the pair had so far avoided any contact with them. He wondered, sometimes, if Atlas was envious of them. The red tom had come from a structured and supportive group, something Navi couldn't replicate. Did he miss it?

It was early in the morning when Navi slipped from the camp, stretching short legs and setting forth on a short walk. He did not plan to go far, just enough to wake his body up, to clear his mind from the dreams he always had. Vague memories, clustered and mixed. They never made sense. Sometimes he liked to sit and decipher them, but he was never successful. The morning air was clear, though, frigid and sharp in his lungs, and it helped him wake up and move on.

They were settled near a strange plot of land where strange stone shapes jutted from the earth, a remnant of human influence on the land. He wasn't sure what they were for, but gave the area a solemn feel, and he leapt on top of a smaller one to crouch. Not far from Atlas, close enough to hear if anything went wrong. He knew, of course, that the other was fully capable of defending himself, but he could not bear the thought of something happened to the other tom and he wasn't there. He just needed a moment, or two, before returning to the warmth of their nest.
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 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 06:52 PM

I'll never let go,
never say goodbye
The dreams he had recently were not pleasant ones. Ever since the death of his sister and he left his family to travel with Navi, his sleep had been plagued by nightmares nearly every night. They were mostly memories, or his mind filling in the happenings before Atlas had arrived at the scene of his sister's corpse and Navi, blood stained, standing over her. They were not pleasurable, to the point that Atlas had stayed up some nights to avoid the terrors that his thoughts plagued him with, but in the times when his body finally could no longer put up with the exhaustion he had no choice.

This was one of those nights.

In this particular dream, he could see his sister being attacked, fighting for her life, and he was running. And running. endlessly running, desperately calling out to her, calling out that he was almost there, to just hang on. But he wouldn't reach her. He never did. Never got the chance to see her again before she was slain at their cruel claws.

Atlas woke with a start, head jerking up and eyes wide, muscles tensed as if he were ready to spring from the nest he shared with the small traveler. He came back to himself a moment later, eyes sliding closed and body easing into relaxation, though he could do nothing to calm his quick pulse or stop the panting. The cold air helped. It was only then that he realized he was alone. Atlas once again opened his eyes, glancing to the side of him to find Navi missing. There was no sign of a struggle so he wasn't immediately panicked. In fact, as his eyes focused against the glare of snow blanketing the ground, he could make out the small tom's shape perched atop one of the many stone monuments they'd discovered.

Concern prickled at his fur as the rust-colored cat got to his paws, his own nightmare forgotten in lieu of finding out his companion's emotions. "Master Navi!" he called, walking out of their small makeshift camp into the open, fur bristling against the cold. He paused, then, and looked apologetic at his sudden burst of noise. "Ah... I'm not interrupting anything am I? I do apologize! I was just concerned with your disappearance is all, is there anything I can do for you?"

halcyon | 395
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 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 01:58 AM

your lionheart

as the world comes to an end
i'll be there to hold your hand

While the cold cleared his head, sharp in his lungs and showing itself in the puffs of foggy breath that escaped him, it very quickly reached through his thick coat to chill his bones. His eyes were closed from his perch, starting to feel uncomfortable in his still position, and yet, he did not move. It was a welcome distraction from his muddled mind, the thoughts and memories that didn't line up, making thinking and even speaking a challenge. While the cold was unpleasant, it at least was a singular focus that he could direct his attention to, and for a while, it was welcome. But soon he felt the desire for the warm nest, and figured it was about time before Atlas awoke and found him missing. Not that he had gone far, but-

The call from the other caused him to jerk with alarm, eyes slipping open as he slowly sat up, body crying its relief at finally being able to move rather than simply sit and freeze. He glanced over his shoulder to regard the red tom, a small smile touching his maw at the other's added concerns that he was interrupting something. And then, ever the one to help, offered his assistance in...whatever it was Navi was doing. The small tom shifted, springing from his perch to stand before the other. Rather than looking down, his head now tilted upwards to regard the other, the smile remaining as he shook his head, a response to both inquiries.

"Just...thinking." came the short reply, voice rough from infrequent use. Thinking was certainly a vague term for it, but he knew Atlas would understand the tumbling thoughts and emotions that made up the short word. He made no efforts to further explain, other than the heavy silence that followed, trusting the other to probe if he really wanted more information. After a moment, he then fixed the other with a small from, a clear question as to what he was doing up. Several questions, all remaining behind his teeth, none breaking free. Did I wake you? Were you cold? Are you okay?

But he remained silent, simply letting the other take lead to explain as much, or as little, as he wanted.
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