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 driftwood [open]
candle that flickers
 Posted: Dec 26 2017, 02:37 PM

ain't no rest for the wicked
The thing about being in 'charge' was it was a lot of work. And Flick generally didn't mind hard work, really. It was just, often time it was the kind of work that meant interacting with others. In other words, the kind of work he was really bad at. He made no secret of it either. He was awkward and he knew it and the Tribe knew it and yet here they were. It was madness, really. But, whatever, what was done was done and Flick wasn't exactly one to linger on it.

That being said, he'd be the first to admit that sometimes often his job got very tiring. He struggled to give instructions and that was sort of something he was required to do. Sure, he was a good fighter - maybe even a great one - but translating that skill onto someone else was not easy. Especially when someone didn't know how to deal with his, well, Flick-ness. So, yes, he was exhausted. Which meant, naturally, he found himself out patrolling. He did this more often than not and as far as he concerned it was part of his job. His job was to keep the Tribe safe. That meant patrolling the boarders. It was simple and something he knew how to do well and, most importantly, it was something he could do well.

Flick wasn't born in this city - he hadn't even been raised here - but that didn't mean this wasn't his home now. He had walked this pathway so many times he could do it with his eyes closed. Not that he would. That'd be stupid and kind of make this whole exercise useless. The point was, he knew what he was doing. He knew the tunnels and the riverside as well as he'd known anything. Far better than he knew what was now AshClan's territory, at least. Although perhaps not quite as well as he'd known the forest he was raised in. Which might explain why precisely he took one wrong step.

One crack of wood beneath his paws and one undignified sound that most certainly did not come from him later, and he found himself landing in the river with a comical plop. Surprise making him falter, he hesitated just long enough that the river got it's claws in him. The current yanked him away from the few docks that scattered the territory that was most certainly home and into less than familiar land. By the time he got his wits about him and actually managed to drag himself away from the current, he'd been snatched ridiculously far from anything remotely familiar. Coughing up water onto the riverside, Flick took a moment to find his bearings. Once he was certain he was breathing again, he turned his sopping wet head to look at the city, trying to pinpoint how far he'd been taken. Great. Just wonderful. This was exactly what he needed today.

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