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the stats

ASHCLAN ♂ 06 ♀ 03 ○ 02 • 11

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THE TRIBE ♂ 06 ♀ 02 ○ 00 • 8

OUTSIDERS ♂ 02 ♀ 01 ○ 00 • 3

TOTAL ♂ 19 ♀ 10 ○ 03 • 32





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 a need for serenity, open, 1-3 cats
 Posted: Jan 2 2018, 02:41 AM

little wonders

i don't mind if it's me you need to turn to
it's the heart that really matters in the end

Bubbleberry remembered distinctly the complaints AshClan cats had originally had about the city and GlassClan's home, and even to this day, she couldn't understand them. Their camp, for example. The comfort of the sturdy walls, the warmth and security it provided, and the beauty of the light that shone through the colored glass during certain times of the day. AshClan had been unsettled by the manmade structure, but Bubbleberry would forever prefer the sturdiness of human walls when compared to the unpredictable nature of the wild. She would have expected AshClan to have been more eager for change after their previous green home was destroyed by nature, but they had been quick to retreat to the comfort of the park after, the battle between the Clans. Ah, well. She supposed some things were just instinctual.

Lounging outside the church that GlassClan called home, Bubbleberry was content to simply rest outside in the sun and relax. In her younger moons, she would have been eager to get to work, to hunt, to patrol, but she had come to appreciate the little breaks she could snag in between tasks. Perhaps her age was getting to her. She chuckled at the thought. All this time, she had denied and scoffed at any concern towards her age, her mind still young and eager, but her body had certainly been feelings the effects of many moons in the city. Her pawpads were rough and calloused, and her limbs ached in the morning and after a long day. She would hold out for as long as she could, though. After all, she had to keep that child of hers, Chalkstar, in line.

Besides, it wasn't like she wasn't completely not working. Resting near the entrance to the church let her easily chat with her fellows, commending good kills and wishing luck to apprentices leaving to train. An easy way to keep up with her Clanmates, especially those who hung around a moment to chat with the old warrior. An easy way to slow some of them down, to see what thoughts were in there mind, and to help soothe any worries or negativities that may come to light. Or, in the case of some of the younger cats of the Clan, a chance to stay in touch with the energy and excitement of youth.
370 for open!
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