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 the sweet caress of twilight, for callie
 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 06:00 PM

Take me to your level,
show me the one i need the most
Three days. Littlestar had given him three days. Three days until he was to arrive again at the fence, the border between the two clans, the place where he'd murdered Lionwing in cold blood for the promise of medicine for his father that never came true. Three days he had to wait, but three days was nothing. After he was injured in the fight with the AshClan warrior, he'd healed and trained himself for four moons just for the chance to get back there, to have the chance at ending the life of the cat who'd deceived him, taken advantage of his desperate situation. He could wait three more days.

Still, though, he was having a difficult time being patient. He found himself on the outskirts of the city, pacing back and forth in an abandoned parking lot, resembling an agitated lion pacing behind its bars. Monsters were sleeping in occasional spaces, marked by faded white lines in the asphalt. Grass and foliage had risen through the cracks of the pavement, and there was even a tree or two that had somehow sprouted through the hard black surface itself. IT was cold here. Cold out in the open where there was no shelter from the frosty breeze. His large paws crunched as they carried him through the thick blanket of snow that covered the ground in most places. He didn't care. He could think of nothing else aside from AshClan.

A sound to his right made the large, scarred tom freeze mid-step. Yellow-green eyes swept the white landscape and landed on a gray coated she-cat at the fringes of the parking lot. The light was dimming, the sun disappearing behind the tall buildings of the city, so it was difficult to make out all of her features. It appeared that she hadn't expected anyone else to be here, and he could say the same thing. Damianos' head rose slightly at the sight of another cat. He didn't particularly want company at the moment, not with his mind so muddled with confusing thoughts and anxieties that made his stomach tie itself in knots.

"I'm just passing through," he said, voice low as usual but loud enough for the stranger to hear. He wanted to make it clear that he wasn't here to fight over territory or prey, as was the case with most cats out here at this time of year. He didn't have the time or energy to spend on that nonsense.

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 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 09:33 PM

i got some big enemies
big reputation, big reputation
you + me would be a big conversation
Callie was usually a traveler. Her intentions were never to stay in one place more than two days. But, business had been slow, and to be honest, she had been enjoying herself way too much by lingering on the Ashclan border and screwing around with Littlestar and his warriors. After the most recent meeting, it as obvious that the slender she cat was feeling a little too full of herself. Her tail was raised gradually behind her, head held high and ears perked against the chilly leafbare.

She wasn't really going anywhere specific and she definitely wasn't trying to hide her presence either. Sometimes, her heart just danced with the thought of an ambush. She loved the idea of a cat sneaking up on her and taking her to the ground - a jumble of fangs, claws, and fur. It was almost a fantasy if she took the time to ponder on it. Yet, Callie was always on the move. Even if she wasn't leaving the city, she had more places to explore. There was always something to amuse the young female.

Her eyes danced as she came across an old, abandoned parking lot. Her long, silky fur seemed to aid her as she bounded through the lumps and bumps of snow that covered the ground. Most cats would have been more cautious and careful, but Callie knew she was strong and agile, she knew she could take on pretty much anything that nature threw her way. She was over-confident, sure, but she could hold her own. It was easy to say she was not expecting another cat - and she had been too caught up in her little game of rabbiting in the snow that she didn't catch his scent until the wind whipped her in the face.

Acting on instinct alone, she froze. Her body stiffened like a deer in headlights, all sign of play and care-free nature sliding into one of alertness and pride. Her claws slid out and she rose her head and tail high, ears perking as she studied the tom before her. He was just finishing up his sentence when she began to truly pay attention. He kept his head low and his deep voice sounded way more menacing than he was trying to be. She could feel the anxiety wafting from his body like a mouse's fear scent when it caught wind of a cat nearby.

The tenseness faded from her when she deemed him as a stagnet threat for the time being. His posture and emotions easily told her he wasn't going to lunge at her that second, so she chose to turn her natural alert-system down a few notches. She took a few steps towards him, not necessarily creeping, but more so sizing him up with her eyes before she truly approached him. His coat was long and thick like hers, though his tabby markings were much more prominent than the light striping of her gray fur.

Callie's head tilted to the side and she let out a muffled purr of amusement. "Hello, Prince Charming." She meowed, her voice laced with amusement and sarcasm all in three small words. "What brings you to pass through my kingdom?" The silver-queen murmured, eyes continuing to skim over his pelt, even though her body remained slightly tense in case this went from a simple to violent greeting. As much as she liked a good time, she was a seasoned killer and knew the signs of an ambush.

oh boy, here we go damianos | 581
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 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 10:32 PM

Take me to your level,
show me the one i need the most
The instant the stranger began approaching, the fur on Damianos' back unconsciously stood up, prickled not only by the intense cold but also by her approach. He was not afraid. The scarred loner could take a grown cat with little difficulty, however Lionwing had been smaller than him and had managed to leave a lasting mark during their fight. He tried not to think of that. Damianos was a skilled fighter and was not afraid of traveling again; he knew he could keep his own in a fight. Besides this was a she-cat, and she was much smaller than himself. He knew that size was not a definition of skill, but he still did not fear this mysterious she-cat.

The first thing he noticed when she got closer was that the low light paired with the distance he'd first seen her had not done her any favors. She was beautiful. Long, thick gray fur with faded tabby markings that accented her natural beauty. Brilliant, golden yellow eyes that stared right back at him, clear as the morning sun despite the fading light around him. Damianos was immediately interested.

"Hello, Prince Charming. ... through my kingdom?"

Even her voice was pleasant. A light, amused purr that was enjoyable to listen to. Despite the ease of her words and voice, her body was still tensed. It was the mark of a true loner; someone who's been alone for a very long time with no one else to look out for danger. Out here, you had to be your own eyes and ears. Otherwise life was not forgiving, and you'd quickly find that out. Her tenseness was built from moons of this, moons of isolation and wise mistrust of other cats. Out here, everyone was out for their own gain. Which made Damianos wonder what exactly she wanted with him.

"I apologize, Your Highness," He meowed, a touch of his own amusement coloring his words. Her posture was tense but held no hostility, just as he was careful to keep his own posture. He did not want a fight. "I was unaware of your kingdom, but I'll leave if I'm too much trouble." Her words could have a double meaning. She could be playing with him, or she could legitimately mean that this was "her" land, and that he was actually trespassing. Loners always had odd territories they were possessive of, but Damianos hadn't encountered any scent markers on his way here, so he highly doubted she actually wanted him gone.

She was confident. He liked it. She looked strong. He liked that, too. His yellow-green gaze watched her with easy casualness, body tensed but not overly so. If she attacked he would be ready, otherwise he was doing nothing wrong by standing here. He was still getting a feel for who this she-cat was and what she wanted, so he wasn't going to give too much away, wasn't going to play too much. Not now, when she could turn around and do some real damage should he let his guard down too far. Damianos stood firm, deciding that taking a step in any direction would be a bad move. Back, he'd look intimidated. Forward, he'd look aggressive. To the right or left, it could look either as him trying to get an angle on her or him being disinterested which was a blatant lie. He hadn't wanted company, this much was true, but he hadn't seen this she-cat yet. He wouldn't mind hers.

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 Posted: Yesterday at 10:46 am

i got some big enemies
big reputation, big reputation
you + me would be a big conversation
She could tell by the prickling of his fur along the spine that he was as seasoned, if not more than she was when it came to strangers - preferably the not so friendly kind. She tilted her head as he scanned her fur, just as she had done his. Her mind took mental notes on the fact of his scars, especially the large one along his shoulder. She could see through his persona ever so slightly. She knew that he could see into her, past the impression that she let out. He could see her tenseness through her friendly voice. It told her that such a taunting game with him was not so easily won.

Callie took a few more moments to look at him, seeping up his handsome pelt and lingering on the marks that dappled it. She loved looking at scars, but knew they could make another cat extremely uncomfortable. She was quick with the lingering, but impressed by them, nonetheless. Every scar had a story and she was curious to hear his, but knowing the wars she had been in, she knew much better than to ask. Instead, she kept the question off her face, being drawn from her mind when the tom spoke up once more. An amused grin peeled its way onto the she cats face ands he blinked at the sly words that fell from this tom's lips. She couldn't help the purr that rumbled in her throat. Part of her knew he was playing along, but the other part of his voice was cautious - he wasn't one hundred percent sure of her game just yet. She liked his caution, it was a good trait to have. They both had it, but shared the fact that they weren't overly hostile about it. His words took into account both potential meanings - he was intelligent. She liked it.

"I think I can make an exception." She purred, rising her gaze up to meet that of the tom before her. She waited a few moments more before she lowered her haunches to the ground, only breaking the eye contact when she had made herself comfortable. Her light gaze was partially an agreement to remain neutral, but she would make it obvious that if he dared to make a threatening move, she was also ready to take him on. She relaxed her gaze, debating the situation before she would speak up again. Calliope took a quick glance around them, ears twitching in either direction to make sure they were still alone.

When she felt that coast was clear - at least for now - her attention turned back to the tom cat. "Calliope, but charming here can call me, Callie." She meowed, smoothly letting the words fall from her lips. Part of her expected a reply, but she knew some cats weren't so formal with names. Even her clients didn't know her name and they never would. She had an alias like any other, but she felt this tom was not going to have a contract for her, as he had taken her by surprise. Even if he did, most cats knew exactly who she was by appearance alone, his first true glance of her told him he had never seen her before.

It wasn't new for her not to recognize a client, she spent more time learning the victim of the contract. Still, her clients knew her fur and this tom definitely had not seen her before. Plus, she felt she would probably remember his face and smooth words. "Stay as long as you like, just don't leave any bloody pawprints. I don't like to clean up other cats' messes." Her joke lingered on the air. It was light-hearted, but she meant it, and she wanted to make sure he got the point.

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