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 vegas lights, crow & howl
howl of midnight storm
 Posted: Dec 28 2017, 04:41 AM


don't push me, i'll fight it
never gonna give in, never gonna give up

Howl was, quite simply, shocked that he had been given an apprentice. He remembered during the ceremony, almost not believing when he heard his name called to mentor the new hunter apprentice Crow, Howl having stared at the younger tom with a dumbfounded look. Not exactly the best impression, but oh well. After the surprise had worn off, he had barreled his way through the crowd to greet the other, and immediately found himself looking at this mentorship business as a new challenge, something to be the absolute best at. His family's encouragement had only helped him to be even more eager to conquer this assigned task, though he found he had quite literally no idea where to start.

His sister had to casually remind him to remember his own apprenticeship before he realized that the answer was obvious.

Touring the tunnels! Of course! Getting to know the territory was typically the first start for any fresh apprentice, and it was especially important for Tribe cats. The tunnels formed a territory of mazes, dead-ends and random twists and turns. While kits were taught the map of the tunnels in the nursery, it was another thing altogether to actually explore them. And so that was where he would begin, and he made sure to stop by Crow's new nest in the hunter's car to let him know to meet him for training by mid-day. The sun would be brightest then, shining the most light into the tunnels that the dark paths received.

There were two yawning entrances to the tunnel systems on either side of the train car where the Tribe made their home, and as Howl of Midnight Storm settled himself outside of the subway train to wait for his apprentice, he glanced between them, pondering the best route to take. Oh, he hoped that Crow would enjoy this as much as he was!
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getting ready to ruin crow's life

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 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 03:34 PM

i was lightning before the thunder
His apprentice ceremony had gone about as well as any young cat would have expected. Crow had his fur fluffed out and his brown sister beside him, their long coats making them look much larger than they truly were. The two held their heads high, listening especially hard when Crow's mentor was named - Howl of Midnight Storm. The black and white tom cocked his head to the side, looking through the crowed for the other cat.

It took Howl a moment, but once he understood the situation and the shock faded, he bounded up to his new apprentice and they touched noses, the usual procedure that officially proclaimed them mentor and apprentice. They both spoke briefly, planning a tour of the territory when the sun was highest in the sky. For the time being, he and Lark grabbed a couple pieces of fresh kill and returned to their subway car to chat and have some brunch before hitting the tunnels.

To himself, Crow hoped that his mentor would allow Lark to go with them. They both had to see the territory, why not do it together? Lark planned to ask her mentor, but her energy was unmatched. Sure, Crow was excited, but he didn't feel the need to be bouncing all over and acting like he had fleas in his pelt. He blinked at his energetic sister, watching her swallow the last morsal of her meal whole and leap out of the den, leaving Crow to his thoughts.

Crow took a few more moments to run his tongue over his ragged fur. When he felt that he looked at least somewhat presentable, he stretched and rose to his paws. He leaped from his subway car and gave his body another hard shake, clearing his fur of any unwanted attachments he had missed in his quick clean up. The tom cast his amber eyes over the cars and finally spotted the muddy, brown-black pelt of his new mentor and strolled over, head held high.

"Hi, Howl." He meowed simply, dipping his head to the older hunter as he approached. He cast his head around, looking for Lark or any other cats that may be joining them. When he saw none, he simply shrugged mentally, and waited patiently for the first mission he and Howl would dig into.

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howl of midnight storm
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 01:17 AM


don't push me, i'll fight it
never gonna give in, never gonna give up

Howl very quickly used up his patience while waiting, even though he knew that it really had not been too long and it was completely reasonable for Crow to want to actually wake up and eat before joining him, which took time. And that was okay, except Howl wanted to get started now! He forced himself to sit still, despite his overflowing energy, tail twitching as pale eyes scanned the tunnels in anticipation. He almost laughed at himself, so eager to get started. It may as well have been his first day of training all over again, rather than his first day as a mentor! Still a first, and that was something to look forward to.

His eyes continually glanced towards the hunter's claimed subway car, watching for any sight of the black and white apprentice. Finally, the long-haired youngster appeared, and Howl leapt to his paws. He had no thoughts to try and appear professional or mature, instead letting a wide eager smile cross his face as the other approached. "Crow!" he meowed, voice louder and quite a bit more eager than the other's. Was Crow not excited? He certainly didn't look to be. He was approaching this with a shocking amount of calmness considering it was his first day out in the territory!

"You're ready to go, I'm assuming?" he said quickly, even as he turned to face one of the entrances to the tunnel systems that made up their territory. "Like I told you after your ceremony, first thing is to get to know the territory! You should already know the idea of how its laid out but now you'll actually get to see it! Cool, right?" At least, it had been super cool to him when he had first seen it. It was dark and dreary, but that was what made it so exciting! He glanced to the side at Crow, considering him for a moment as if trying to catch even slight eagerness in his expression.

But so far, the apprentice was keeping to himself. He'd have to see if he could change that, even if it took several moons. "So!" he then started again, tail swishing to gesture for the other to begin walking with him, "What all do you know about the territory?" The territory was so vast, he certainly didn't have a particular answer in mind. From the threats of getting lost to the entrances to the river and the garden, there was a lot that Crow could either be aware of or need guidance towards.
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 Posted: Jan 15 2018, 10:16 AM

i was lightning before the thunder
In all honesty, Crow wasn't exactly sure what he was supposed to expect from his mentor. It wasn't that he didn't want to go out into the territory, of course he did! However, the bundle of excitement that was his mentor was more amusing than anything. The black tom looked a lot more excited than Crow and maybe he should have felt awkward or empathetic - surely he would have felt something? But, Crow had always approached things with a stronger rationale than others.

He took a moment to watch Howl bouncing around like an apprentice, gushing his name and some kind of question about being ready to go. Crow couldn't help a smile of amusement that curled onto his face. He ducked his head in agreement, following his mentors gaze to one of the tunnels entrances. Cool, right? Well, that was definitely one way to put it. He was definitely eager to get out there and see what he could. "Well, let's get going." The black apprentice smiled, swaying his tail slightly.

Even if it wasn't obvious on his face, he was excited. He probably would have been a little more if Lark would be joining them, but at this point he had forced the thought out of his head. Instead, he focused on the tasks at hand - there would be plenty of time to gossip with his sister later on. As they began their venture into the territory, Howl asked about what Crow knew about the tunnels themselves. Crow bit at his lip. Should he really tell his mentor the ridiculous amounts of knowledge and time he had spent mapping out the territory and all the winding tunnels in his head? No, he wasn't going to do that, he would look crazy!

Crow smiled to himself, he knew he was a little nutty in his own head, but he didn't need to let the others see that. Instead, he flicked his tail and cast his gaze ahead of them, thinking of the best way to respond to Howl's question. The black and white apprentice took a few minutes to cast his gaze around, swallowing before he finally spoke up. "Well, I know a little about the tunnel system." He said, drawing out his words carefully. "The one we are using now is the main tunnel. This is the large one that connects to all the smaller tunnels where cats tend to get lost, right?" He meowed, casting his amber gaze to Howl to seek out his approval.

He waited a few moments to see if the black tom would reply before moving on. "But, we also have specific tunnels for hunting, right? I'm sure there's plenty more for other types of training and such, but we will probably focus there in the future." His muzzle curled into a grin. He liked this part - he knew he was an intelligent cat and he liked being able to express his knowledge to a cat that would actually listen - if only for a little while. When he tried to talk like this to Lark she would always shrug him off, grow bored and leave, or change the subject as quickly as she could, not caring if it was too obvious.

howl of midnight storm sorry it's so late,crow is very different from callie and pine, so i needed to find my boring muse for him xD
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