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 the wolves in the walls, clan meeting
 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 07:53 PM

They won't be careful,
but i guess that you don't know me
Juncothorn waltzed into camp and asked the question everyone was thinking. Tigerpaw would have spoken up, but he honestly didn't care all that much whether a loner joined them or not. He probably should have more of an opinion, but it just didn't matter to him. Politics was not something he wanted to get into, and if Littlestar wanted to bring someone new in then so be it. Tigerpaw frankly had other things to worry about. He was glad someone spoke up though, because thus far it was Hogsnout who'd been the only one to say anything and those were just irritating, rambling questions.

Littlestar spoke up then, and Tigerpaw listened with absent curiosity. All he wanted to know at this point was who he was going to pick to be this stranger's apprentice. Or if he'd choose to do that. This was untraditional by every means, so maybe this situation would be treated differently. Who knew. Basically all he was saying right now was that he was planning on this cat being little more than a soldier should GlassClan choose to attack them. Admirable, his bluntness, but not the information the young apprentice was after.

Finally, the leader's eyes scanned the grouped cats and Tigerpaw could feel the moment was coming; the only part in this meeting that he cared to really pay attention to. He finally introduced the loner in a roundabout way, some weird sounding name that started with a D and sounded far too pretentious. Lionpaw, it was decided. Fitting, Tigerpaw supposed, judging by the cat's stature.

"As for your mentor, well, that shall be me."

The apprentice blinked at these words, taking a moment to process as Littlestar went on about some other bullshit, gazing down at Lionpaw with pride. "What?!" The word was loud, very loud, and spoken in an angry, incredulous shout. He'd been silent this entire time, patiently sitting beside his grandfather, but this was an outrage. He gets stuck with an under experienced new warrior like Blackfire, but this stranger just prances in and is named the leader's apprentice? Did Littlestar truly value him that low?

Tigerpaw didn't know when he'd stood from his sitting position, but it had shifted at some point. His green eyes were cold, glaring at the leader who sat in front of the Clan, and his striped tail lashed side to side with clear anger. Before anyone had the chance to utter a word or make a reaction, the apprentice turned and stalked toward the entrance of camp and out of it, quickly, ears pinned to his skull in agitation. He knew he'd left his grandfather's side without giving Frostflame a second glance, but he could feel no emotion other than frustration at this particular time. He needed to leave before he did something stupid.

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 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 08:20 PM

Take me to your level,
show me the one i need the most
A gray-and-white tom entered then, and Damianos' eyes were drawn to him, along with everyone else's, as he joined the crowd. He was handsome. Clear green eyes with a confidence the loner liked. Unfortunately, he was outspoken too, and questioned the leader on this decision. The first member to speak up. He was glad, in a way, that they all weren't just mindless followers. The loner's eyes studied the new tom as Littlestar spoke, casually answering the question and affirming that this was the right decision.

If this tom, Juncothorn, came in late maybe that would be the case for Hawkclaw as well. Perhaps he'd come strolling in soon too. The meeting seemed to be drawing to a close, though, and Damianos was beginning to get frustrated with the situation. Patience, he told himself. This was a big step in his plan, he'd have his chance soon. He needed to play nice for now.

He had to stifle an eye roll at Littlestar's warnings to the Clan to report to him should the outsider do anything out of line. Yeah, yeah, follow the rules, he got that. He wasn't planning on ruining his chances now that he'd come so close to exacting his revenge. All he had to do was find the tom and he'd complete his task. Until then he wasn't going to set a toe out of line. He'd come so far, he wasn't about to endanger his already shaky position.

"And so. With ... known as Lionpaw."

A tingle surged up Damianos' spine at the name. Not just because it sounded odd and foreign to him, but it shared similarities to Lionwing. The cat he'd murdered on the border of AshClan territory. He forced himself to not look up at Littlestr just then, and only hoped he was hiding the shock on his face. Why the similarities? Lionwing hadn't been dead for very long, surely they all still remembered him? Did they not have any other names to use? Should he request another name? The loss of his birth name was a strange feeling, but he had to remind himself that this was only temporary. And StarClan? Who were they and why did Littlestar want their approval? His mind was spinning dizzily as the leader continued, dropping another bomb.

"As for your ... you don't disappoint."

He couldn't say he was surprised. It was natural that Littlestar would want to keep as close an eye on him as possible, and also he knew that some part of the tom enjoyed having even more authority over the larger cat than he'd already had before. Damianos looked up at the cream coated cat then. Littlestar was smiling. It looked nice on his fair features, but his eyes held no warmth when looking at the loner. He opened his mouth to speak for the first time, only to be interrupted by a loud, sudden voice.

Damianos' eyes flew to a young cat near the side of the crowd, shocked to see the rage his small body was projecting. His eyes weren't focused on Damianos, though, they were focused right on Littlestar. The cat turned and quickly departed, then, leaving the brown tabby confused. Perhaps he'd already made an enemy in this young cat. Not that he particularly cared much; he wouldn't be here long anyway.

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 Posted: Yesterday at 09:45 pm

I don't believe in the sun
Their questions were ignored. It wasn't unexpected, but it was disappointing. Their eyes darted from the stranger and their leader himself as he spoke. They weren't sure exactly what was going on, but Littlestar seemed almost...amused? While the stranger, newly dubbed Lionpaw, seemed annoyed - if not a rather dignified annoyed. Hogsnout sighed softly, knowing they weren't about to get answers here about anything. They'd have to ask later and, believe the, they certainly would.

They stood, drifting absently toward the edge of the crowd. Their eyes drifted lazily over each member of their Clan, counting slowly as they observed reactions. Some seemed to agree with Juncothorn but no one was particularly speaking out anymore. They also hoped Juncothorn didn't take Littlestar's half response to their concerns too much to heart. Drama wasn't anything anyone needed right now. They let out a soft huff, sitting down on the edge of camp, waiting for everyone to clear out and poised for any opportunity to ask more questions.

and both mine are done here. sorry it's half-assed ;-;

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