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 like a wave the ocean just can't control, [howl and bloom and maybe plume]
bloom of constant fragrance
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 02:06 PM

you reflect in this heart of mine
A favorite place of the cats of the Tribe was the luggage racks scattered throughout the train they lived in. It was far from uncommon to find a body or two curled up in the racks or limbs dangling over the edge as their owners dozed. On this particular morning, Bloom was one of these bodies. He was, uniquely, alone as he slept. It was a rare occurrence where one twin was assigned to a hunting patrol without the other, but it did occasionally happen. Sure, they functioned better as a team - they could hunt better together, but it's not like they were incapable of functioning in the solo.

Despite the mild anxiety he was feeling at the separation (or was it what Plume was feeling...or both?) Bloom had curled back up to sleep shortly after his brother reluctantly left. He was well on his way to sleep land when he was suddenly yanked back to consciousness by a loud metallic sound and the feeling of falling.

A sharp sound of surprised pulled itself from his throat, paws scrambling in an instinct to try and land on them. Behind him, the grate clattered to the floor without hitting someone. Bloom, himself, was not so lucky. Fur fluffed out in agitation and eyes wide in shock, he stared down at the body he'd landed on. Then, almost immediately, he quickly scrambled off, a litany of apologies leaving him, ending with, "I'm so sorry, are you okay?"


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howl of midnight storm
 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 05:59 PM


don't push me, i'll fight it
never gonna give in, never gonna give up

Howl didn't make frequent use of his nest, often out for late nights and rising for early mornings. He seemed to run on little to no rest, preferring to stay busy rather than rest his body, but every few days he would crash, catching up on hours of sleep before tackling the next few days. While it would have been an exhausting way to live for most, he seemed to thrive off of it. That is, except when he pushed himself too far and ended up with the healers, but that was just a small downside.

He was sleeping in that day, sprawled out in his nest and sleeping through his usual times to begin hunting. He would absolutely catch up later, pushing himself to catch just as much as he normally did even with the shortened day, but sleep was much more appealing for now. That is, until he felt his eyes blearily open at the sound of metal moaning above him. The luggage racks sometimes squeaked as cats moved, but this was louder, loud enough for his eyes to fully open, start to look up, and then-

The black tom let out a oomph as he was abruptly squashed by a much fluffier cat, the clatter of metal falling some whisker lengths away. Howl took a moment to collect his breath (which was hard to do while being squished), but he managed to tilt his head to recognize one of the twins before the other scrambled off of him with a stream of apologies. Taking a moment longer to make sure he got his breath back, the tom shifted, carefully rising into a sitting position while fixing the other with a grin despite the new ache in his back.

"I'm fine, I'm fine!" he assured the other with a loud laugh, appearing totally unaffected by the sudden wake-up of having a cat fall on him. There was no anger, only amusement towards....Bloom? Or Plume. It was hard to tell the two apart in the darkness of their tunnels. Either way, it was at least one of them. The black tabby shifted to squint above them at where the rack had fallen before focusing back on the ginger tabby, eyes wide.

"You're okay, right? I never thought of one of those falling! I'm glad I could at least cushion your fall though, huh?"
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bloom of constant fragrance
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 01:09 PM

you reflect in this heart of mine
He may have been asleep before all this but now, with his heart racing and fur fluffed out like he'd touched a Tesla coil, Bloom was wide awake. Adrenaline was a hell of a thing and Bloom wasn't precisely the most adept at knowing what to do with it - at least on his lonesome. Fortunately, at the moment, he was far from alone. His focus was entirely on the poor cat he'd landed on. The twins may pull plenty of shenanigans but they never really wanted anyone to get hurt. Well, maybe someone they actively disliked, but that wasn't really the point.

Bloom's brain scrambled, trying to put a name to the face that was...grinning at him?? Bloom let out a breath, relieved that his unwitting victim seemed fine. And maybe even entertained with the circumstance? The younger twin took a moment, focusing his brain to pull out the name he needed as he sat, legs still a little shaky. Howl - he was pretty sure it was Howl - however immediately turned the concern back onto him.

It was a pretty normal response to what had happened, all things considered, but it still caught Bloom pretty off guard. He wasn't used to interacting with too much of his Tribe as an individual and he was fairly confident the same could be said in reverse. He was more than fairly confident that this cat had no idea who he was actually talking to.

"Haha yeah," he said, smiling faintly. He gave his own chest a soothing lick. "Certainly a way to wake up for the both of us. Hope I didn't ruin any good dreams or anything."


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